Ashwagandha Root

Have You Heard? Ashwagandha roots now in the USA & UK

Ashwagandha, also known as Asandh, is a plant native to India, Asia, and Africa. It is harvested primarily during the rainy season, however, in some areas or during Ashwagandha farming, it can be harvested in twelve masses. Herbaldady, Grow Ashwagandha plants on their own farm, using all-natural care, the best compost, and a suitable temperature to develop Ashwagandha. The plant has many branches, and in the late rainy season or early winter, red fruits called Ghunghchi can be seen. Ashwagandha has a foot-long root that is strong, smooth, and bitter. It is a herb that comes from the root, is quite sticky, high in vitamin C and zinc, and is used to help with tiredness and fatigue as well as immune support.

Hearbaldady considered all factors of Ashwagandha’s raw use and decided to transport it directly from the farm to the customer’s home. Our Ashwagandha Root is a powerful adaptogenic Ayurvedic herb/medicine with huge benefits including improved iron levels, boosted stamina, and immune system rejuvenation. Ashwagandha is a great herb that is often used to treat hormonal imbalances, blood sugar, inflammation, and sexual endurance.  it is called a super herb for its several benefits.

We have Grown Ashwagandha on our farm and sell it in the USA, UK, and worldwide for our customers to utilize the highest quality, farmed-based root on small-scale family allotments.